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Wife of a gamer

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Watch out society, nerds are everywhere!

I guess it was inevitable I'd meet my husband at work. At the time we met (2011), there were just over 1,000 employees and with the majority being men, the odds were in my favour! I knew he was into computer games but this brave new world was completely foreign to me. The only games I played during my youth was Nintendo Mario bros.

Being apart of his gaming world was strange at first but I was amazed at how quickly I embraced it all. As a nerd at heart, it was easy to accept his community of guilds, artwork, statues and gaming lingo. #forthealliance #forthehorde #worldofwarcraft #hearthstone

This is Gene. My nephew named him!

Our candles and trendy art deco were replaced by World of Warcraft canvases, orc statues, swords (multiple swords), gaming swag and endless loot. We assigned a space for his man cave where he could game, record and photo shop the hell out of his GoPro footage!

What I quickly realised is that my husband's love for gaming was no different to other partner's hobbies. Whether they're part of a biker, golf, boxing, rugby or GAA club, at the root of it....it's all about community and a sense of belonging. Of course, coupled with a slightly competitive streak thrown into the mix!

When I discovered gaming from my own perspective, it was love at first play. My game preference is Hearthstone which is an online collectible card game played on either PC or mobile devices. I play both Druid and Warlock and the satisfaction when I smash an online opponent can only be described as scoring a goal in hockey. In fact, my Friday nights include playing Hearthstone on PC, listening to Spotify, ordering dominos pizza and enjoying a cold cider. #nerdforlife #hearthstone #bulmerslight #nonstopaction

I bought him a Frostmourne for Christmas!

Being married to a gamer is all about compromise, patience and respect. He was a gamer before we met so it would be ignorant to change him just because his gaming time might conflict with our plans. Sometimes he’s inflexible because he’s completing a dungeon and can’t walk away until it’s finished. However, I respect his time and his passion for the games. He’s played WoW since he was in high school and he also plays Destiny and Diablo. 

To see the excitement when he’s conquered a boss or when he displays his latest statue he purchased from the gear store, it always brings a smile to  my face. 

Embracing the gaming culture is easy when you work for the world's best gaming company and it's even easier when you're partner is a gamer. I know what 'some' of you are thinking. Gamers are just greasy haired nerds sitting in a dark basement incapable of social skills, life ambitions or competencies. From my experience, this perception is polarized. Gamers are creative, determined, competitive, highly skilled, unique and passionate. More importantly, they are true to themselves because they are not willing to compromise their authenticity for popularity.

Gaming is more relevant and mainstream than ever before. For 2018, global gaming has reached a revenue of $137 billion!! That stark figure for video games, mobile and esports is surpassing combined revenue of the cinema and film industry in Hollywood. Think about that for a moment. I know, it's unreal! #codingforgirls #gamingforlife #moveoveractors

Think about how you might be a gamer? Do you spend hours on Candy Crush or other mobile games? Are you using Wii Fit or other console games? Maybe you’re into online role playing such as WoW or you’ve purchased the new Nintendo switch. My point being, gamers are within all of us somewhere. If your connected, online and using technology then you’ve likely experienced gaming. The audience is no longer just teen-agers as I've met gamers in their 60's, 70's and even 80's! I've also watched toddlers and children use games as a means to develop dexterity and to operate technology. Tip: If you're children are online playing games, create strict parental controls and monitor as much as possible.

My exposure to a gaming life has kept our marriage young and entertaining. I’m proud to be married to a gamer and delighted that he accepts my quirky, nerd like hobbies as much as I accept his. So, don’t be afraid to game and at least check it out before passing judgement onto others who have built a life, career and friendships out of gaming. 

GG !!!!


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