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Whistler, Canada

For those wanting to visit the land of maple syrup, poutine and the Canucks, read on!

Still can't believe I had to move to Ireland in order to get me to visit Whistler. It's a world class skiing resort, home to the 2010 Winter Olympics and known as an outdoor adventurer's wet dream. That's me above after we landed via seaplane on Green River. #travellight #alwaysinheels #whistler

Climb aboard the seaplane from Harbour Air which departs from Coal Harbour, Vancouver city centre. The convenient 45 minute flight costs approx $650CDN plus tax for two adults and your luggage.

Splash out and experience the spectacular views as you descend onto Green River in Whistler. The scenery as you slide over the mountains, ocean, lakes and wildlife is simply stunning. Charge up your GoPro and keep your cameras close because you're gonna want to take loads of snaps!

We arrived to Whistler during Crankworx which is an annual mountain bike festival. The world-famous festival celebrates the heart and soul of gravity-fuelled mountain biking and is quite extraordinary to watch. We really enjoyed visiting during Crankworx as there was such a vibrant, exciting and young atmosphere, that it kept us energised the entire trip.

When travelling to Whistler, ensure to plan ahead. I can only share our experience which included an aggressive itinerary of whitewater rafting, zipling, hiking and exploring. Of course there was time for shopping and cocktails but if you're interested in participating in the outdoor sports, book ahead!

Ziplining in Whistler was the absolute highlight of our trip. As you drive up the mountain and zig zag around every corner getting higher and higher, you begin to question why you're doing this. You start conjuring up white lies to get yourself outta it. But once you're strapped in, checked and double-checked by the staff and dangle off the side of the tower.. it's time to fly!

The instructor gives you a gentle push and you literally zip through the air at a speed that would impress Superman but insult Thor. When you realise that the only thing holding you up from the hundreds of feet below is a cable, reality settles in! All I can say is that everyone should experience this because the exhilarating feeling of flying is quite amazing. Check out our video at the end.

And because our hearts didn't experience enough trauma during zip lining, we decided to give whitewater rafting a go. Three things to keep in mind. You must like the water and getting wet, don't succumb to motion sickness and it helps if you can swim. I would highly recommend this thrilling excursion for anyone who wants to push the boundaries and laugh uncontrollably. Check out our video at the end.

Finish your day at The Keg Restaurant for steak, lobster, sourdough bread and mashed potatoes. It's a winning combination after burning some serious calories during your adventures. #drool #foodporn #thekeg

I wouldn't be able to visit home without ordering a portion of poutine. The mixture of fries, cheese curds and gravy heals the soul and galvanises your taste buds into a flurry of ecstasy. #iamcanadian #poutine #foodporn

Although Whistler is renowned for it's winter activities, it's also a haven during the summer. We absolutely loved visiting in August and would return in a heartbeat as we only touched on a fraction of what Whistler has to offer.

Happy travels!

MM x


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