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Where I get my energy from!

Read on if you want to boost your energy levels, sleep more soundly and take on the world

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People keep asking me where I get my energy from and why I have more pep in my step so I've decided to share my secret sauce!

For those that know me, it's probably no surprise that you might characterise me as the energize bunny or Jim Carrey in the Mask. The truth is, my energy levels, positivity and overall vitality require uplifting from time to time.

doTERRA Lifelong Vitality pack is what changed my life. At the tender age of 40, I’m cognisant of my health and my overall well being. For years, I’ve ignored taking vitamins nor have I ingested any dietary supplements. Over the past 3 months since taking the LLV vitamins, I've noticed stark positive changes and it's time to talk about it.

There are thousands of products on the market but it’s hard to determine which one is right for us individually. When I witnessed the benefits of LLV had on my siblings, I knew it was time to purchase. It wasn't easy admitting that I needed help for the above and I couldn't pin point it to age, however I knew it was time to make changes. The best part is, there's a complete, full refund even after you've completed the 30 day package. However, the chances of wanting to discontinue the vitamins is extremely low. You're going to witness the rewards immediately.

I've described the benefits below in layman's terms but if you read on, you can also learn about the scientific benefits.

  1. Stress management – I have never slept so soundly since taking these vitamins/supplements.

  2. ENERGY- More pep in my step, wanting to exercise and overall vitality.

  3. Healthy hair, skin & nails – The growth of my hair and nails is amazing. My skin is radiant and looks rejuvenated (at least that’s what I’m told!).

  4. Bone health – We need to be mindful of this as part of the ageing process

  5. Antioxidant & DNA protection – No explanation needed!

  6. Immune function – Putting us in a stronger position to fight off cold.

  7. Digestive health – Let’s just say I’ve never been more regular in my life!

  8. Eye, brain and nervous system - Sounds good to me! I'm not getting any younger.

  9. Energy metabolism – Keeps me balanced, on track and curbs cravings.

My hair has never in such good condition!

Yup, those are my nails. I've noticed a massive difference with the strength and condition overall

The LLV trio pack includes xEO Mega, VMz and Alpha CRS+ all of which should be taken 2 (two) times daily with food. It may seem like a lot but if you have them on hand during breakfast and lunch, you'll quickly adapt.

xEO Mega is a unique formula of marine and plant omega fatty acids, carotenoids, and natural vitamin D & E. It also includes essential oil blends (clove bud, frankincense, thyme leaf, cumin, orange peel, peppermint, ginger root, caraway seed and chamomile flower).

The benefits: It supports healthy cardiovascular, immune, joint and brain functions.

Alpha CRS+ is a cellular vitality complex. A formula of food-derived ingredients combining potent levels of powerful polyphenols & standardized botanical extracts that support cell proliferation. It also includes essential oil blends (peppermint leaf extract, ginger root and caraway seed extracts).

The benefits: A comprehensive dietary supplement foundation for a lifetime of vitality and wellness.

Micro plex VMz is a comprehensive array of vitamins and minerals that are essential for normal growth, function and maintenance of cells. It contains readily absorbable forms of important minerals for metabolism and the essential bone nutrients: calcium, magnesium and zinc.

I wanted to share my experience with doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack because I truly believe it’s improved my overall wellness and allows me to perform at optimal levels. I love that they are not genetically modified, dairy-free and include essential oils. It’s comforting knowing I’m getting all my vitamins, veggies and oils in one go. Also, it's a bonus that I'm ingesting kale, broccoli, brussel sprouts and spinach everyday as with work hours, this isn't always possible!

Whatever you're taking today for your health & well-being is your choice. And if you're reaping in the benefits like I am with sleep, energy, motivation, glowing skin etc then there's no need to change. BUT... if they haven't changed your life for the better than I would highly recommend trying doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack. If you don't see the results after taking for 30 days, return for a full refund. However, the people I know who are taking LLV have improved their lives dramatically and they would be lost without them.

If you want further information about LLV, just send me a pm on F/book or Instagram and I'll put you in touch with a doTERRA representative.

MM x


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