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Welcoming our new, adjustable standing desk.

Check out my awesome video footage at the end! It truly deserves a golden globe for the cinematic.

Desk at its programmed height of 46.6 inches.

For those who are fortunate to work from home during COVID-19, having a sedentary working environment can make this new reality difficult. I'm reviewing our adjustable standing desk from FULLY.

My husband has been in the market for a standing desk for the past year and being incredibly privileged to work from home, the timing seemed fortuitous. He purchased the Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk from FULLY. Everything was ordered online and after a few easy clicks based on your preferences from colour, size and other options, it was out for dispatch. He waived the express shipping costs and even during COVID19, the desk arrived in under four days!

The desk arrived in five packages. He purchased a PC case separately from FULLY so it could suspend from the desk because hey, why not! Assembly was straight forward but you may need an extra pair of hands when flipping the desk over unless you're the Lich King.

Make sure you have a few basic tools such as a screwdriver etc and have a big old glass of wine nearby. But, the best piece of advice I can give to all those partners helping your loved one assemble the desk..... don't ask stupid question like.... 'Hey, why don't we watch a YouTube video to follow along just in case?' BIG, BIG mistake and I learned my lesson.

Pay attention to the fine print because you're essentially assembling items backwards because once completed, you're flipping the desk over. So, consider what side you want the adjustable handset.

The desk arrives with everything you ordered which for us included cable management ties (husband purchased more on Amazon because.....I actually have no idea), wire management grommets and in desk power so you're all set. Once you've attached the handset, it allows you to programme settings based on your desired height. You can programme up to four settings for the perfect height for standing, sitting and other desired settings for your partner (DING!).

Desk programmed for height based on sitting

Once we had this desk up and running, we were both delighted with the result. My husband opted for the 120 cm x 80 cm desk which fit perfectly in his intimate man cave. He decided not to use the PC case right away but it's in safekeeping if he changes his mind. And naturally, I'm delighted when I get to use the desk for gaming or online shopping as my desired height is programmed so I no longer need the chair.

Couple call outs; 1. Ensure you've allowed enough length for your cables before you raise the desk using handset. 2. Once the adjustable height of desk is in place, typing can cause the top to slightly wobble. It's not anything to worry about but just keep that in mind as it's something you get used to.

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