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Versailles, France

My recent work trip provided time in Versailles, France. What a beautiful city!

Chateau de Versailles - source unknown

When your organization is willing to send you to Versailles for a week to participate in a summit, team building and for networking opportunities, you'd be foolish to pass it up! Sure it can be exhausting and slightly inconvenient trying to shuffle around your home logistics but I accepted with enthusiasm and excitement. Yabba dabba doooo!!

The journey from CDG airport to Versailles is approximately 1 hour via taxi (on a good day). Obviously that depends on the time of day you arrive, traffic, etc but it shouldn't take much longer than that. Remember that in France, you drive on the right side of the road and it's inundated with scooters, motor-cycles roaring up beside you. Most drivers need to turn in their side mirrors so they don't get clipped! #closeyoureyes #nospeedlimit #vivelafrance

Hotel le Versailles is the perfect accommodation for staying in Versailles. For those who travel regularly to Paris, you know that hotel rooms are anything but spacious. As in, you drop something on the floor you're butt is usually met with the wall! I'm happy to report that this hotel is spacious, comfortable, modern and the best part....the staff manning the reception speak exceptional English. Tip: I would skip breakfast which costs approx €20 euro and buy some pastries/croissants around the corner.

Here's what I love about Versailles. It's safe, clean, minimal traffic (compared to Paris) and offers a wide range of restaurants, shops, boutiques and markets! Plenty to see and do for everyone and there is even an Irish pub called O'Paris. You'll be welcomed by the friendly bar staff (in English) and they even have Guinness on draught in case you're home sick. #guinness #magners #stella #champagne

Take a scroll around Versailles and make sure you visit Chateau de Versailles (Palace of Versailles). It's only minutes away from the hotel and it's absolutely fabulous! Just follow the gold... it's everywhere! Hey, if it was good enough for Marie-Antoinette then it's good enough for moi! #goals #longlivelouis #palacedreams

Do me a favour....Learn a few words of French prior to your journey. Visiting another culture should include learning cultural nuances. You wouldn't visit Japan without respecting their culture of bowing and removing your shoes before entering a home, so try respecting the French culture as well. They absolutely LOVE their language so learn the basic pleasantries. Even if you struggle with the accent, at least you're giving it a go! #merci #silvousplait #derien #cestcombien #abientot #aurevoir #bonnejournee

Photo source: Blizzard employee

And last but certainly not least, is a worthy mention of the heart and soul of Versailles, Blizzard Entertainment. A couple photos of the impressive building which is nestled in Versailles. #blizzlife #summit #teambuilding #oneteamourteam

There you have it folks! A quick trip of Versailles, France where style, history and many, many statues of Louis are all awaiting your visit. A bientôt et merci beaucoup.

MM x


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