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The Google Nest Wi-Fi Router

If you've noticed your internet/Wi-Fi signal is unstable during COVID19, here's a tip for getting you back on track!

The significant surge of downloading and streaming from Cork customers has put a tremendous strain on our signal. As Virgin Media customers, our package includes 230mb which allows streaming of Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, YouTube, gaming from PC and mobile, Spotify via Google Hub home and......everything else that requires us to be online.

However, over the past two months, we've been experiencing issues with our signal which has been interrupting our day to day online activity. My husband sourced the Google Nest Router on Google UK for €120 and in layman terms, it works intelligently behind the scenes to help your Wi-Fi remain fast. It plugs into your internet provider's modem or gateway to create your Wi-Fi network and voila..... your devices are now running smoothly.

The sleek, modernised apparatus ties in nicely with most home decors, somewhat resembling a candle. Nice job Google! But then again, they already know that.

This Google router is more practical for smaller homes or apartments so keep that in mind if you have a several storey home. If your residence has a west wing, you'll likely need a few access points!

Once the hubby plugged in all the necessary cables, it creates a separate Wi-Fi network where you can house all your devices or separate them if you please. This comes in handy when guests are visiting and you want to provide security, parental controls or unique settings to your devices.

When the hubby explained the tech jargon to me, my first and only question was.... will this allow me to stream Picard from Amazon Prime onto our TV whilst I'm watching a YouTube tutorial on my mobile so that I can have my Spotify music playing on our Google hub all during your weekly dungeon in World of Warcraft on the main PC? His answer..... yes but now without any impromptu disconnects. My HERO. Move over Thor..... You don't need super powers to be adored over by millions... just a Ethernet cable and a power adaptor. #swoon

If you want to stabilise your Wi-Fi connection and potentially relay your internet speed everywhere in your house, then definitely check out the Nest Router. These are strange times we're living in and it seems the only saving grace (for me) is being online. Struggling with a wobbly, interrupted connection means the remaining time of COVID19 is going to be LONGGGGGGGGG.

*Disclaimer: We purchased the 2nd generation Google Nest advertised on Google UK because Google Ireland was only offering the first generation Google Wi-Fi.

Happy online surfing!

MM x


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