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Reviewing the OnePlus 7T mobile

Regarded as the Flagship King, this super smooth experience is giving top competitors a run for their money.

Let's be honest, we all have our favourite brand of phone as it's an extremely personal choice. Whether its primary function is for photography, gaming, replacing your laptop or general entertainment, we all know what we want out of a phone. And the OnePlus 7T is hard to beat.

Finding a phone these days can be exhausting. Choices are endless and researching various models, reviews and of course staying within budget (for me under €1,000) seems impossible.

We've been loyal OnePlus fans for a number of years. Our collection includes the OnePlus 1, OnePlusX, OnePlus 6 and until recently, the OnePlus 7T. We decided to bypass the OnePlus 7 and the OnePlus 7Pro because well, they just.... meh.

Left to right: OnePlus 1, OnePlus X, OnePlus 6, OnePlus 7T

An incredibly slick and powerful phone which includes;

- Screen: 90 Hz Fluid display

- Processor: Snapdragon 855 plus

- Camera: 48 MP Ultra wide triple camera, 2 x optical zoom, 117 ultra wide

- Storage: 8GB RAM + 128GB

- Optical fingerprint scanner embedded in the display

All for an excellent price point of €599 and although they were all sold out on the OnePlus website, I managed to pick it up on Amazon.co.uk.

This phone is an absolute beast but the best part.... it comes with a supercharger! That's right folks... you can fully charge your phone in 20 minutes. And the battery is so powerful that if you operate on 60 Hz instead of 90 Hz, you'll get 2 days of battery life without having to charge.

The OnePlus 7T has a smooth operating system and has been a joy playing mobile games such as Hearthstone. With a 6.55" screen, your games, films and photos come to life. They nailed all the features with this phone but the best feature for me is the camera.

The ultra wide triple camera supersedes all previous generations and it's arguably better than other competitors like Samsung, Apple and Google Pixar 3a. But then again, I'm clearly biased! No filters used below.

In order for OnePlus to offer a price point significantly lower than their competitors, they operate a lean startup methodology. Their marketing strategy is simple. Clever use of Influencer marketing (check out @marquesbrownlee), less expenditure on traditional marketing, a quality product, online sales with no offline store at the beginning. In simple terms, they properly manage their inventory without producing excessively.

Photo credit: Powerplanetonline

If you're looking for a phone that is incredibly affordable with an EPIC user experience then I would highly recommend checking out the OnePlus family. And, they've just announced that the OnePlus 8 series launch event takes place on April 14. Although, I'm sticking with the 7T model.

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