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Reviewing the Mavic Pro Drone

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Scully and Mulder were right....we're not alone. I'm reviewing the Mavic Pro drone that I purchased as a gift for my husband.

I'm not referring to aliens but.....drones! These mainstream devices which were originally crafted for military espionage are now mainstream for vlogging and photography on a global scale. Some of us have retired our iphones, GoPros and Canon cameras to secure the perfect video or photography footage.. What an age we live in!

The lightweight device weighs in at 800grams and retails for approx €900euro on Amazon. However, I would highly encourage you all to spend a bit extra for the accessories. That's right folks, there's a man purse for drones! It's perfect for transporting your batteries (you'll need a least two), cables, your phone, brackets etc. Trust me, when carrying this onto a flight, the man purse keeps everything intact and secure.

First things first. For any Canadians out there, please be advised that Canada just passed a law whereby anyone who does NOT possess a pilot's certificate is prohibited from flying drones. Yup, unless you hold a valid pilot's certificate, you're out of luck in Canada. For flying drones in Ireland - pay attention to the regulations around flying drones and where you can and cannot fly them. For the Cork area, we enjoy Old Head or Cobh which is permitted.

The Mavic Pro is easy to use, however it's going to take some practice. In particular, for the manoeuvring up/down and right/left. You'll need to ensure your current smart phone is compatible with the software as this acts as your monitor for flying. If you're nervous using your drone, don't panic! They cleverly crafted this model and installed safety features such as taking off/landing assistance, limiting your distance and height etc. Just ensure you're confident using your drone before recording over water. It's an expensive piece of machinery and losing signal or dropping suddenly into the ocean or a lake would be unfortunate.

The clarity of the video and photography footage is absolutely epic. You can set the drone to follow you on your adventures. As in, drive your car and set your drone to follow directly above. Jump on your mountain bike or skate board and set the drone to track you overhead. Just beware that the battery life for about 10 minutes in the air will take about 25% of your battery life.

Here's some helpful hints - check weather status before venturing out and ensure winds are minimal and that there's no rain the forecast. Also, check the laws regarding maximum altitude and range. So, you're footage of cliffs, mountains and life among the clouds is achievable. Just remember, avoid recording around large crowds of people or houses!

The Mavic Pro drone was the best purchase to date as it allows us to create epic videos of our memorable holidays, scenic adventures and unparalleled heights that can only be explored as a bird.

Check out our two videos below visiting Ardmore, Co. Waterford and Old Head, Kinsale, Co. Cork.

And next time you look up into the sky, if it's not a bird, or a plane... it's probably a drone!



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