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Move over Dublin, Cork is where it's at!

A vibrant, expanding city where people come to work, play, study and eat.

As I embark on my 10th anniversary residing in Cork, Ireland I wanted to take the opportunity to share it with the rest of the world. Yes, Dublin is the capital of Ireland but CORK bestows it's charm, music, scenery and accents on the Republic of Ireland. They don't call it UP THE REBELS for nothing. This is where you need to be and I'm certain Cillian Murphy would agree, after all, this is where he's from! #peakyblinders #purecork #weakformyself #pennysfiver

I'm ready for touring the city!

Cork city is situated on the River Lee which splits into two channels and divides the city into islands. With a population of approximately 126,000 residents, Cork city has everything right on your door step. From a world class university to the 2nd largest natural harbour in the world, Cork will captivate you from the moment you arrive. Don't worry, if the mighty craic doesn't keep you here... the local Cork accent certainly will! #singingaccents #uptherebels #redandwhite

The ambitious and highly topical Project Ireland 2040 plan will significantly increase Cork's overall foot print including job opportunities, office development and infrastructure. Cork will become the fastest growing region under the Ireland 2040 plan with an estimated population of 360,000 in 20 years. So why Cork? 50% of Cork's population is aged under 35. Cork airport has 9 daily flights to London & direct flights to East Coast US. In Europe, Cork has the lowest latency broadband direct to East Coast US and there's a new subsea cable to France underway. A new plan called SIRO was recently launched to provide Cork city with the most powerful broadband services in the country. #corktechhub #keepingmynetflix #nerdforlife

Here's what I love about Cork... you can get anywhere in under 30 minutes. Cork airport is welcoming, easily accessible and has no drama. Just large enough to get some excellent shopping before your flight but small enough to get to your departure gate in under 5 minutes. A variety of museums, art galleries, cinemas, theatres, opera house, beaches, national parks, bike lanes, colleges, reputable university, new stadium, music venues, breweries and we haven't even touched on the nightlife! #heavybreathing

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Cork is safe. Cork is clean. Cork has more authenticity, character and beauty than I've encountered in any other city. You haven't experienced life until you've eaten at KC's in Douglas. You haven't reached puberty until you've shifted at the Carrigtwohill drive in cinema. And you certainly haven't seen fashion like on a Thursday night in city centre!

Let's squash that rumour right now. No it doesn't rain 365 days a year in Cork. Actually, I experienced more days of rain whilst living in Vancouver than all my days in Cork. The weather is incredibly similar to the West Coast of B.C. You get all seasons here including some snow! #stormemma #globalwarming #thisisntcanada

Fota Wildlife Park

I bet you thought you'd only ever see cheetahs in Africa right? Well, you won't believe your eyes when you enter the gates at Fota Wildlife Park. This conservation fosters greater public understanding of the threats to plant and animal habitats and decreasing global biodiversity.

You'll see everything from giraffes, lions, tigers, cheetahs, gibbons, rhinos, penguins, a red panda and seals! I would highly recommend the behind the scenes tour for a team building event. Just ask for Willie the warden, he won't let you down!

Fitzgerald's Park, Mardyke

Oh snap! This is hands down my favourite spot in Cork. The park incorporates walking trails, cycling lanes, spacious green areas for picnics and stunning views. The natural bakery is on the grounds to keep your appetite under control. This is my niece and nephew's highlight when visiting Cork. As soon as we're in the park, I let them loose like wild animals to climb, run, sing and experience all the beauty. Let the colours, nature and tranquillity take you away.

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University College Cork (UCC)

Set on 42 acres of woodland ground, the college was established in 1845 and provides academia services to over 21,000 students. UCC was the first university to be awarded a Green Flag from the Foundation of Environmental Education. UCC's aula maxima space resembles a scene from Harry Potter. Defo worth checking out!

Washington Street and St. Finbarre's Cathedral - get lost in the city.

English Market (Even Her Majesty visited)

Ireland's most famous covered food market in the heart of the city.

Blarney Castle - Kiss the Stone for the gift of the gab!

Located only 15 minutes from city centre Blarney Castle is a tourist's wet dream. The iconic stone is just a taster of what's in store. The gardens, the castle, the rock close and the shopping will keep you entertained for hours. Make sure you climb the stairs to the top of the stone as the views are absolutely stunning. Pucker those lips, throw on some chap stick and start kissing the stone!

Blairs Inn - Regarded as the best traditional pub for food, atmosphere and service.

The Blair brothers (Duncan & Richard) have transformed this local pub into an award winning restaurant. So cozy up next to the fire, listen to the trad music, savour the stout and definitely try their medallions of monkfish! #blairsinn #foodporn #thisisirishfood

Franciscan Well Brewery - where pizza and craft beers collide!

A must see! This award winning brewery is located in city centre and offers a wide range of craft beers, lagers, stout, cocktails and that's just the drinks! Tours are available from Sunday to Thursday and if you're hungry, you can grab a pizza made right in front of you in their wood-fire oven. #drool #foodporn #franciscanwell

Crosshaven, County Cork (home of the annual Irish Redhead convention)

The most idyllic, serene village you'll stumble upon in Cork. Known for it's yacht club, this hidden gem should be visited by all.

Blackrock Castle Observatory

Blackrock Castle Observatory, the Space for Science is housed is an iconic Cork landmark dating back to 1582. Promoting science, engineering and technology in Ireland as a centre of excellence in scientific research, education and research. During your visit, check out the Castle Café for serious nom noms!

Spike Island, Cobh, Co. Cork

Dominated by an 18th century star fort named Fort Mitchel. The island's strategic location within the harbour meant it was used at times for defence and as a prison. #prisonbreak #creepybutcool #Corktourism

There you have it folks! Some worthy mentions include the Butter Museum, Shandon Bells, Triskel Arts Centre, Kinsale, Doneraile Park, Crane Lane, Cork City Gaol and Bonnyconnellan. So, if you're looking to visit, study, live or shop then consider Cork. #wearecork #uptherebels #corkgaa #cillianmurphy #jonathanrhysmeyers #roykeane #grahamnorton #theyoungoffenders

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