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Carrie Bradshaw wasn’t lying when she quoted in Sex and the City, why would anyone want to leave New York? From the moment we crossed the bridge and gazed up at Manhattan’s skyline, I knew what she meant. And I've been lucky enough to visit twice!

Upon arriving to our hotel, we unpacked our clothes, topped up our deodorant and charged our phones.... we were ready to rock. Our accommodation was based in Midtown East which is a 10 min walk to Grand Central and the Chrysler building, making it incredibly accessible for all the sight-seeing destinations. Tip: Use Uber instead of yellow cabs. Uber arrives asap with spacious, air-conditioned vehicles and exceptional service.

Our first evening included dinner at Butter Restaurant. This is a must, especially if you’re partial to cocktails (I would recommend the Holy Basil). The atmosphere is intimate with its dimmed lighting and cozy booths. The cuisine was delicious but let’s be honest, I wasn’t there to experience fine dining. I just travelled 6.5 hours on a flight, the jet leg was rolling in and I needed cocktails! It wasn’t a late evening but the beverages kept me snoozing all night long without interruptions.

The following day we were up early and did all the things! Empire state building, Hayden Planetarium (dang, we didn’t get to see Neil deGrasse Tyson) and Top of the Rock. I would recommend all of these attractions but bring your wallet! Perched on top of Empire State reminded me of the scene from Sleepless in Seattle. Only thing missing… Tom Hanks!

Next day included Times Square, Central Park and taking the subway (what an experience). Tip: Google maps tells you what train lines to take for your destination... down to the minute of arrival! I would recommend all these sights especially Central Park. It felt like an episode from Seinfeld with us aimlessly wandering around awaiting to bump into George Costanza. Sadly, the only character we encountered was Rusty the horse!

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Our final day was filled with emotions as we visited Ground Zero. This iconic landmark should be visited by all as it reminds us of our humanity and that kindness, love and compassion should be shared with everyone.

Statue of Liberty is within your reach and her magnificence radiates the island. Tip: Take a cruise around the habour instead of committing to the tour. Security can take up to 2 hours and that’s before you even start the tour.

Brooklyn is a must see! Walk over the bridge and experience all is has to offer from restaurants, cocktail bars, architecture and artwork. Make sure to reserve a table at Annicka NYC's first farm brewery restaurant. My recommendations.... EVERYTHING!

Worthy mentions include a hidden cocktail bar called Weather Up. There's no address or sign on the door but once you've figured it out, talk about hitting the jackpot! The River Cafe underneath Brooklyn Bridge was by far the most delectable dining experience I've had in a long time. I'd recommend the lobster and the pistachio semifreddo. #drool

And last but certainly not least is the shopping. Bloomingdale's is where it's at so keep your credit cards or cash nearby - you're gonna need it! #twobrokegirls #givenchy #louboutin

Check out our video below and thank you New York... until next time!

MM x


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