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Lunch at the Speckled Door Pub

This little gem of a pub is nestled in the West of Cork and is awaiting to be discovered!

It was my first visit to Garrettstown, County Cork but it definitely won't be my last! Ireland still amazes me with all its beauty but most of all.... the colours. Every door, every building, every piece of land has the most vibrant of colours and Garrettstown beach was no exception.

The incredibly scenic drive from Kinsale is approx 20 minutes away and with every corner, every landscape and every new discovery I am reminded why I live so far from friends and relatives. Visiting Garrettstown should be experienced on a Sunday where patience and equanimity converge. You'll certainly need a slow and steady pace for the drive because cyclists, tractors and even sheep are the priority around here. However, this is the best part because it allows you to soak in the idyllic surroundings.

As you enter Garrettstown beach, you won't believe your eyes. The Atlantic blue waves, the lush green hills and the white fluffy clouds creates a picturesque landscape as far as the eyes can see. For a moment you think you're on the set of Game of Thrones but when the wind hits your face and your hair is blowing into your lip gloss, you quickly remember you're no Sansa Stark!

Try to grab a table by the window simply for the views. You'll be sipping on your baileys and coffee whilst watching the horses graze on the greens and listening to the waves roll in.

When you enter the adorable Speckled Door Pub, you are greeted by the friendliest faces and it feels like coming home. The menu is varied so come on an empty stomach so you can get some proper soakage after your long walks on the beach.

Everyone should check out this hidden beauty! Whether it's for walking, surfing, eating or chilling... Garrettstown beach and the Speckled Door Pub won't leave you hanging.

Just remember to bundle up because that breeze has a bite!

MM x


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