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Lunch at Bunnyconnellan Restaurant

Waves, cider and cajun salmon goujons... what a place!

Bunnyconnellan is a family-run restaurant perched atop the cliffs overlooking the Atlantic. Located in an 1824 cottage in Myrtleville, Co. Cork, this contemporary, award winning restaurant is definitely worth a visit.

The panoramic scenery on top of the cliffs are stunning and feels like time is standing still. If you visit during off peak season, you'll likely avoid tourists which is perfect for exploring. That fresh, salty sea air coupled with the singing of seagulls will replenish your soul and ignite your appetite!

Inside Bunnyconnellan's you're immediately welcomed by attentive staff and if you book in advance, you can even score a table with a view. Watching the waves crash into the rocks below is perfectly paired with an ice cold cider. The restaurant is warm, inviting and having the sun bounce off your face reminds us that spring is around the corner.

The delicious cajun salmon goujons!
Views from your table - magnificent!

Love this! Everyone doing their part for a cleaner, safer and more sustainable beach.

Within the 2 hours I spent walking the beach and having lunch in the restaurant, I witnessed all four seasons! Everything from black clouds with gusts of wind making all the trees and shrubs dance. A few rain drops morphing into sheets of torrential rain coming down sideways. Hail stones smashing onto your car windscreen that you think it's going to crack. The sky opening up and the sunshine projecting prism rainbows on the restaurant's walls.

Yet another reason why I love living in Ireland. You know the saying... just wait 5 minutes and the weather will change. And yes, it's all about the layers. If you do venture out to Myrtleville beach, ensure to layer up so that you can start to unravel with each season. From shirts to sweaters to jackets, gloves, scarves and hats. And yes, you'll likely need sunglasses!

PS. There doesn't seem to be a dress code in Bunnyconnellan restaurant as they're used to having customers arrive from exploring the sandy, wet beaches.

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