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Hiking the Hillary Loop,Cork

Drone footage at the end!

Hiking is as foreign to me as wearing no make-up so when we agreed to try something unprecedented (for us), this certainly qualified.

Mount Hillary Loop is a 45 minute drive from Cork city (heading towards Blarney) located in Banteer, Co. Cork. It's a 10km walk with a 290meter ascent. It consists of forestry roads and woodland trails and takes approx 3.5 hours to complete.

Note to self. Buy proper hiking boots instead of wearing trusty trainers. Epic fail. However, do bring your highlighter compact as I was able to touch up my make-up every step of the way and looked fabulous!

The misty mountains, moss thickened hills and leaf blown trails reminded me of Brie from LOTR. I didn't encounter any hobbits but we did see some questionable birds!

The scenery is stunning from start to finish. The lush, dense trees reminded me of Vancouver Island and the various shades of green can only be found in Ireland. The wind blows from every direction that is nearly carries you off the ground and the rich, fragrant smells of flowers takes you back to your childhood.

I reflected a lot and worried my husband for being so quiet. I couldn't believe that I'm approaching my 15 year anniversary of living in Ireland. As I looked around and gazed at the never-ending green hills, I am reminded why I love living here.

Ireland is sacred, old and steeped in history. Ireland is untouched, unforgiving and discriminatory of the way it looks because it can be. Ireland gets into your bones, your soul and your heart because you let it. Don't fight it, embrace it!

This hike reminded me of what's important. Nature. Taking time for ourselves. Connecting with something bigger. It also reminded me to wear proper shoes, bring food and hydrate regularly because I thought I was going to pass out. Yes I am dramatic, yes I am exaggerating and yes my husband laughed when I asked how much longer?

Is it a banshee? Is it a wildebeest? Is it a leprechaun? Nope... just me trying to sneak up on the hubby and surprise him. This is what I love about Ireland. I was able to venture into a forest without the anxiety of running into a mountain-lion, grizzly bear, lynx or wolf.

First hike of many to come and we got some awesome drone footage!

I would really recommend this hike to anyone who is adventurous, wants to push themselves and get out of the city.

Mount Hillary Loop - until next time! TURN UP THE SOUND !

MM x


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