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Discovering Roches Point, Co. Cork

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

A place to visit when trying to avoid humans and zombies.

I ventured out to explore Whitegate, Co. Cork and when I saw the sign for Roches Point, the smoke from my tyres burning out the village was probably unnecessary but I'm soooo glad I did it!

Roches Point is located in East Cork approximately 40 minute drive from Cork city. During a time which somewhat resembles a zombie apocalypse with social distancing, unnecessary binge grocery shopping and avoiding children and senior citizens, locating an isolated beach seems ideal.

Anyone with mobility issues will likely struggle this climb so keep that in mind. Also, make sure to wear gripped shoes or boots as the decline of the hill can be slippery. There's a car park close to the entry of the pathway which is handy for leaving your personal items, water or light bites.

The various shades of green and aged monument will have you convinced you're on the Knocknasheega mountain from Darby O'Gill and the little people. And although I didn't encounter King Brian, banshees or a pot of gold, it still felt incredibly magical. The birds were chirping with excitement for spring, the wind was blowing every blade of grass and the spray of the ocean was just salty enough to mist my full coverage foundation!

This beautiful and majestic beach is protected from the wind and is litter free so it's perfect for toddlers or a family picnic. But the views.... oh the views. As your eyes focus on the beauty around you, the open sea stretches out onto the horizon but not before you capture the stunning green cliffs over yonder.

If you're looking to escape to a little piece of heaven, then Roches Point has you covered. Probably best to avoid weekends for social distancing, so if you can visit during the week for a couple hours, definitely check it out. It's the right hand turn right next to the Trabalgon entrance and don't forget to stop off in Whitegate and have a nose around. Although, better to postpone until Convid19 has been vaporized!

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