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Blue Rama Jewellery

Meet Ken Brydon the creator of Blue Rama and also my BFF!

Ken Brydon of Blue Rama is anything but conventional. Born and raised in Scotland he inherited a family butcher's shop, and quickly realised his hands would be better served at training dogs rather than tenderising meat shanks!

For the next 20 years, he put his heart and soul into training guide dogs in the UK and Ireland. Everyone refers to him as the dog whisperer and somehow I doubt that will ever change. His travels to India, Australia and Canada (among others) provided inspiration for all his tattoos. You'll be lucky to find some skin space that isn't representing some ink but with every image there's a story behind it and it's worth getting the time to hear all about his adventures.

We met a decade ago and I knew right away we would be kindred spirits. His calm, collective demeanour immediately put me at ease and his fashion sense and style peaked my interest! Ken has always been artistically gifted whether it was expressed by tattoos, fashion, jewellery or artwork. There's never a dull moment when he's around and at the tender age of 61, his life experiences will keep you hanging on every word.

It was no surprise when Ken created Blue Rama jewellery as his artistic flair, determination and fashion contacts allowed him to catapult his overall vision. As an ambassador for Child of the Jago and their most loyal customer, he saw an opportunity and niche market for skull jewellery on etsy. You can also find his work throughout many market stalls in Cork city.

I absolutely adore Ken's black skull jewellery and the detail in the delivery has his style and friendship wrapped up in every package. Each piece is individually crafted to reflect your personality and taste. He's flexible, approachable and honest for creating something unique for every client.

More importantly, it means you'll have a connection to Ken and you'll quickly realise why he's such a success and dear friend. There are very few people in this world that exude ingenuity, honesty, authenticity and spirit. Ken Brydon encompasses of all these traits and you'll be happy to own a Blue Rama piece as well as supporting Ken's overall vision.

If you're in the market for some new jewellery and want to support someone local to Cork, Ireland then check out Blue Rama. You won't be disappointed! #bluerama #swoon #pride #skulljewellery

MM x


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