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An evening at The River Club, Cork

Watch out Lee side, there's a swanky new bar in the area!

Photo source: River Lee Hotel

Hotels don't typically stand out as a venue of choice for cocktails or good eats but let me tell you - that's all changed since the opening of the River Club at the River Lee Hotel.

Even the name The River Club sounds incredibly posh but there's no need for a membership here as this hip, stylish new space is open to everyone! #theriverclubcork #eatdrinkbesocial

As you enter from the street side, you can instantly see the transformation from hotel lounge to a sophisticated bar/restaurant. You're welcomed by a friendly host who will escort you to a table and although it feels slightly unnatural, it works really well!

Transformation would be a staggering understatement for those who previously visited the old hotel lounge as they won't believe their eyes. The furniture, colours and attention to detail were engineered to create a modest and fashionably elegant atmosphere.

My favourite feature is the BAR. It feels like the Great Gatsby himself is going to walk in and order a cold martini. The design is first class and you'll quickly forget you're drinking in a hotel. They maximised the space for booths, tables, and private/intimate areas. So if you're needing a little privacy for your anniversary or first date, you're well covered! Plus, there's no TV blaring sports in the background. This is an environment where you want to socialise, entertain and flaunt your best assets! #norugbyhere #cocktails #tapas

Now we all know that after indulging a couple cocktails light bites are definitely necessary. Because nobody needs your singing rendition of 'Down by the river!!' At least, not in the digital age. The tapas menu is available between 5pm and 10:30pm and is perfect for snacks/light bites. I would recommend all the nom noms on this menu whether it's the dressed crab, truffle fries (to die for), seared gambas, gin organic salmon gravlax or the crispy chicken kaarage (to name a few). It's the perfect balance if you're wanting a few small plates for the evening without sitting down to a carvery. #foodporn #tapas #nomuffintop #chocolatesundae

The verdict is in! This is one of my new favourite spots to eat, drink and be social. Whether it's for brunching, quenching your thirst, light bites or socialising, The River Club has got you covered. So slip on those heels, spray on your perfume, toss around those locks of hair and get yourself to the River Lee Hotel pronto tonto. Tip: If there are any high profile bands playing in Cork, you'll likely see them here. #bryanadams #thescript #celebritystalker


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